Wanting the Bible more than ever

Bob LuntBy Bob Lunt

In the horrors of Aleppo in Syria, it’s hard to believe Bible work can be happening. Yet this Christmas Bible Society worker Gaith* and his team
distributed nativity booklets in Arabic or Armenian to 5,000 Syrian families. “When you have seen so many reasons for being sad”, he says, “you can imagine what a joy it is to celebrate the birth of our Saviour.”

In that devastating war, demand for the Bible is higher than ever. “Children’s Bibles are very popular”, says Gaith. “People feel that only the Bible can provide answers, and it is only God who can meet their need.”

There are six Bible Society staff working in Syria, and two bookshops – one in Aleppo and one in Damascus. Since the war began, around 200 tonnes of Bibles and Christian books have been imported, and Gaith’s vision is to provide 25,000 Bible colouring books and storybooks to children and young people in 2017. “The children in Syria have little hope”, he says. “Their country is being injured and torn. We don’t have any other choice than God’s word to rescue and salvage these broken lives. The Scriptures, which are full of peace and healing, can restore their happiness and joy.”

For Gaith and the team, the fear of death is constant. But daily life lurches along. They depend on God every moment. He spoke of being in the street when a missile struck. “People were blown everywhere. Afterwards they got up, brushed off the dust and helped the wounded without any emotion.” He mentioned Lina, a little girl whose parents had been killed, who received a Bible. He described the constant explosions, so loud they never seem to fade, and spoke of his pain at seeing children play ‘war’ in the streets.

“There are so many deaths in Aleppo, so much destruction, so many young people who will never be ‘back to normal’. We live a minute at a time, just casting ourselves upon the Lord and his promises.”

*Name changed for security reasons.

Source: Bible Society