Spotlight on Mission – Rotherham Holiday Aid

spotlightThis month’s Mission in the spotlight is Rotherham Holiday Aid

Many families will be looking forward to a holiday away from home at some point during the school holidays, though for some this is never a possibility. For them, difficult situations make holidays just a luxury that cannot be thought about.

Rotherham Holiday Aid are part of the Family Holiday Association which provides short breaks in the UK for children and their families. These are families that face daily hardship made worse by the likes of illness, bereavement or disability. They offer those families in difficult circumstances a much needed break.

Over two million children live in families who cannot afford a day trip to the seaside, far less a simple holiday. One family support worker said “I could see that the three week build up to the holiday was as important as the holiday itself. And for the next six months the family lived off the break.”

Here are some of the families who have been provided with a break:

Mother, four children, and grandfather, from Rotherham
The parents are separated and the family survives on benefits. The children have health and behavioural problems; one son has asthma and has been hospitalised on various occasions. The Family Holiday Association helped this family to have a week’s holiday in Great Yarmouth.

Grandparents and two teenage boys, from Rotherham
The boys’ parents separated and they are in the custody of their grandparents. They have a sister, who lives with the father. The grandparents are in poor health, and a holiday was essential. The grandparents were reluctant to take the money offered, in case of causing family problems. The Family Holiday Association helped to provide this family with a holiday.

Why not find out more about Rotherham Holiday Aid by visiting their web site, and please remember their work in your prayers.