Spotlight on Mission (June 2013 – CPAS)…

Spotlight on Mission – June 2013

This month’s Mission in the spotlight is CPAS who are patrons of our churches and are an evangelical organisation working to support local churches in mission. They describe themselves as an organisation that enables Churches to help every person  hear and discover the Good News of Jesus.

Their  vision statement reads:

We are committed to mission and equipping churches for their God-given task of evangelism. We believe the most strategic way for us to help churches become more mission-focused is by developing         effective leadership.

We long to see a Christ-centred, Bible-based, mission-focused Church where leaders are clear about their call to discipleship, growing in Christ-like character, and competent to lead in a time of rapid change;  where leaders discern God’s direction, enable action, build teams,   develop leaders, facilitate communication, and nurture  people;  where leaders work in teams, reflecting the diversity of   ministries, and model themselves on the servant character of Jesus; where leaders help transform inherited churches,  pioneer emerging churches and deliver creative residential ministry, effectively helping children, young people and adults hear and discover the good news of Jesus Christ.  This    includes:

  • Making disciples of young people and developing leadership       potential through Ventures and Falcon Camps.
  • Resourcing churches in developing missional leaders.
  • Developing key local church leaders for mission.
  • Taking a national lead in furthering missional leadership through our patronage work.

Why not find out more about CPAS by visiting their web site