Spotlight on Mission – Hansi and Kath Jain

spotlightWorking in Nagpur, India, with families and children from the slums and running a school

On the 14th September Hansi wrote: “We are about to leave for Kath’s 6th chemotherapy. Yesterday the results of the blood test came to say that it was all within the normal limits. That is such a great answer to all our prayers. Thank you!!!!”

We also want you to join us in thanking the Lord for Dr. Thomas Ram, Kath’s Radiation Oncologist, he is gracious, gentle, and very kind. “Thank you, Dr. Thomas, for being such a wonderful blessing to us!”

Since my last message, Kath has recovered well. She is, to put in her words to our daughter Anu, “Counting down days for chemotherapy to complete. That will also bring an end to my Clexine Injections.” These daily injections (two), Kath has received since January 14th! They will stop with the completion of chemotherapy.

So, what can you pray for?

Please pray that side effects of this chemotherapy will be gentler than the previous one. That chemotherapy had Kath feeling nauseated, with her stomach in persistent ache, as well as it had impacted her bowel movements. When we returned home, Kath found that she had ulcers in her mouth. We would ask the Lord to help minimise these effect and protect from other side effects.

2. Please pray that chemotherapy treatment will be effective, and that Kath will be completely healed of the cancer.

3. Please also pray for Anu, their daughter, who is holding the fort in terms of the school and ministry in Nagpur.

Kath and I are grateful that you are there with us gladly bearing and holding us in prayers, encouraging words and financial support too!