Sermon Series for September & October: Surprise the World – Becoming a Missional People

5-Habits-340x544Over the course of September and October in our Sunday services our teaching will be exploring how we might develop missional discipleship. The aim of the series is to challenge us all to foster missional habits that align with the ‘Up – In – Out’ principles of Cell Church and should feed into the ongoing review of our small groups.
Based on Michael Frost’s Book “Surprise the World – The Five Habits of Highly Missional People: Taking the BELLS challenge to fulfil the mission of God”
The series topics are as follows:
1. Introduction: Living Questionable Lives
2. Bless (Practicing generosity)
3. Eat (Extending hospitality)
4. Listening (Being led by the Spirit)
5. Learning (To be Christlike)
6. Sent (Living as a people on mission)
The book is available in PDF format using the following link:

Preachers, Cell Group Leaders and other group leaders in particular are encouraged to read the book, which is fairly short and accessible, and to work through the material with their particular group to see how it might help provide a framework to develop their groups into more Missional Communities.