My Trip Out

Well what exciting news!! I had a telephone call from the NHS Call Centre on Friday to tell me I was able to have a vaccine against Covid 19. After a couple of questions, confirming I was the right person to have this injection, I had a choice of where I would go. The appointment was for Saturday morning, (next day). How thrilling, I was being given the ‘so longed for’ vaccine.

Of course, this was excellent news, so I phoned around family and friends letting them know my good news. When I phoned Anthea Underhill, we found out our appointments were at the same Centre and only two minutes apart, so we travelled together.

Slightly nervous, we were greeted at the gateway, by a gentleman setting out the procedure of where we should park the car and where we should then go. We were met at the main door by a friendly lady, making sure we had appointments and all details were correct and she then made sure we used the sanitiser. We were then ushered into the “main hall”. People couldn’t have been more helpful. Each time a person moved, their vacated seat was thoroughly cleaned. The whole set up was brilliant, methodically organised and ministered by very caring staff and volunteers, with a clear warning that we must carry on protecting ourselves, sanitising hands, wearing masks and following the rules.

Who would have thought having an injection would prove so ‘newsworthy’.

God bless, take care and we will soon be meeting together as The Rivers Team.

Linda Read