Hull Minster Pilgrimage Report

Rotherham Deanery Pilgrimage to Hull Minster

By Thelma Maguire

On a beautiful sunny June Saturday, we once more set off on our deanery pilgrimage. This year it was to Hull Minster. On arrival at the beautiful square, and after examining the floating pools otherwise known as fancy puddles, we went into the Minster.

On entering the edifice, I was surprised at the brightness and freshness of the décor. It was a pleasant surprise. The colourful decorative ceiling, predominantly in green, red and white, really caught my eye.

UntitledThe Holy Communion service was led by the curate Rev. Eve Ridgeway. The service was in a very traditional form, using the Nicene Creed and such prayers as Holy, Holy, Holy and the Agnus Dei which was very comforting and soothing. The readings were from Isaiah 25 and from the gospel of Matthew, where Jesus tells us that no one can serve two masters, and not to worry about tomorrow.

Eve based her sermon on the gospel reading telling us that, within the Minster there are many different and diverse forms of worship, catering for a wide range of communities, but primarily she spoke about adhering to Jesus’ teaching and not worrying about your life. Put your trust completely in God for all your needs, and this will bring us closer to Jesus. When he was on earth, Jesus relied on the hospitality of others. She advised us to walk slower instead of rushing everywhere, thus enjoying and appreciating the flowers, birds and nature of God’s wonderful world. As we do so, soak in the Holy Spirit and find God’s kingdom and righteousness within our world. She hoped our journey in the Minster would give us encouragement, refreshment and would help us rededicate ourselves to God.

After the service, we were free to wander around the Minster which has recently been refurbished. The old pews have been replaced by light, moveable chairs but the Victorian pew ends have been preserved as each one has an original carving on the end. I then went to find the Robert ‘Mousey’ Thompson trademark mouse carving and am proud to say I can now give you a tour showing you all seven of these carvings.

In the afternoon, we had time to wander around the city of Hull which was surprisingly very beautiful, incorporating many old and new architectural designs which blended well together, as well as a new marina which housed some luxurious yachts and the galleon, ‘The Pickle’ which was at the Battle of Trafalgar.

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the next pilgrimage.