Editorial – Sept 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAby David Bent; Team Rector

What Will Your Legacy Be?

The recent deaths of a number of celebrities have taken up a lot of air time on our TVs. There have been tributes on the main news programmes, followed by documentaries about their lives and numerous repeats of programmes that they have either made or featured in. They leave a legacy of entertainment which many of us have appreciated over the years.

Other people leave different sorts of legacies. Some, like politicians and other leaders, leave a legacy of influence and change, while other people leave a financial legacy for a charity, a project or another good cause. And not all legacies are legacies for good!

But what of the rest of us, those of us who don’t make the headlines, who are not household names, who don’t have hours of archive recordings about us, who don’t have vast assets to leave or who have not been in positions of influence? What sort of legacy will we leave? How will we be remembered? Or will we just disappear into the sands of time and be

I think we can all leave legacies of different sorts. Those of us who have children will leave a physical legacy through future generations, a legacy which will hopefully be based in unconditional love and trust. As Christians, we can also leave a spiritual legacy; spiritual sons and daughters, people who we have influenced in their Christian faith and encouraged in their Christian lives. We can also leave a legacy of influence, of things we have done as Christians, things that have in some way benefitted other people: time spent with someone who is lonely or help given to someone in need.

I believe each one of us has the capacity to leave such a legacy in this life. It may not be a legacy that the world’s media will be interested in, or that will be shown and re-shown on our TV screens, but it can be a legacy that our heavenly Father is interested in, and that will be replayed time and again on his heavenly screens. Jesus himself said, “Aren’t two sparrows sold for only a penny? But not one of them falls to the ground without your Father knowing it. (Matthew 10:29). However insignificant our lives might seem, God notices and God values.

It is not the number of people that we have influenced in our lives, or who have noticed us, that will matter ultimately It is a life lived in the faith of Jesus, a life lived as a good and faithful servant, a life lived out for an audience of One, that will matter in the end.