Editorial – May 2019

by Carole Robinson

Try Honking not Bleating

At the time that I am writing this it is still the Easter Season. Fields are filled with the sight and sound of bleating young lambs and there are still some Easter Eggs on the Supermarket shelves, bur before long we shall be hearing different sounds.

At the end of summer when the harvest has been safely gathered in, the village of Treeton is blessed by a visit from a large skein of Grey Lag Geese. They come at the same time every year to glean on the grain that has been left behind by the Combined Harvester. I have no idea how they know what time of year it is or how they find their way to Treeton, but I was so impressed by them that I looked up some facts about the geese, these are just some of them:

  • The geese fly in V formation, this reduces the amount of effort each goose needs to lift them into the air and to keep them on the right track.
  • When the lead Goose gets tired it moves back and a new leader comes forward.
  • When a Goose becomes ill and drops out of formation other geese go down with it and don’t leave it until it gets better or dies
  • Throughout the flight the Geese at the back are continually honking to encourage the geese at the front

I think we could learn a great deal from the Geese, don’t you.

At the moment, the Rivers Team and the Church of England as a whole are facing great changes. Like the Geese, we need to work together as a team, if we are all working together for the same goal the job will be much lighter. During the season of Lent, we looked at the Early Church and learned how they worked together sharing everything they had, their possessions, and their gifts. Working together in unity made them more effective and their numbers grew.

We need to comfort the sick, and champion the used and abused in our society.

We need to support our leaders especially Margaret and Philip as their work load grows and we need to recognise and raise up new leaders. As we continue to grow as a church, let us remember to always to do more Honking than Bleating