Editorial – March 2019

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAby Margaret Baker; Team Vicar


Dear Friends

Just like you all, I am wondering what is in store for the Rivers Team and the Diocese of Sheffield as David and Helen have moved on and new opportunities are on the horizon for our Diocese.

Change is on its way, has already started really but that is always the case for we never travel back in time only further on.

It’s the fear of the unknown that can be unsettling, but it can also be a time to learn and develop new skills along the way.

When my ministry as a Church Army officer began, I never dreamt that I would be a Team Vicar and yet it feels just the right place and role for me to have. I have learnt so much, it’s not always been an easy path but looking back I see the highs and lows knowing that God truly guided and helped me change direction when I have needed too.

A change of direction is what is in store for all of us as members of The Rivers Team and the Anglican church in Sheffield.

We sometimes would just like to continue doing things like we have always done, and its difficult to get our heads around new ways of working for a while eventually getting caught up in how things go.

One thing that is very certain we do not go back as I have already said even if some changes need to be developed or even stopped to carry on.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6: 33-34 to first seek the kingdom of God

Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well. 4 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.

As Lent approaches, I hope you will be able to find time to reflect on your own journey through life and acknowledge the changes that have taken place for you and your Church. Looking forward to everything that God has in store for us as changes happen within our Team and our Diocese.
Prayerful Best Wishes