Editorial – June 2017


by David Bent; Team Rector

On June the 8th every one of us over the age of 18 will have the opportunity to cast our vote in the General Election. With this simple cross on a piece of paper we have the power to influence the future direction of this country. We may not think our individual vote has much significance in the overall scheme of things, but each single cross has the same power as all the other millions of crosses that will be cast on that day. The principle is that we choose the person to represent our views in national government and they, in turn, influence the appointments and the decisions of those whose policies affect us all. As each one of us plays our small part, so we can influence the bigger picture. There is power in the cross.

And with that power comes responsibility, we have a responsibility to place our cross and to influence the outcome of the election, and those who are elected have the responsibility to govern for the good of those who have elected them. But our responsibility goes beyond the election. We are all part of the wider community that is the United Kingdom and we all have a role to play, however significant or insignificant that may seem.

Each of us can make a difference to this world by playing our part in our local community. Some of us are in more obvious positions of influence than others through the different roles that we have, but each one of us is a relative, friend or neighbour to someone else, and each one of us affects the environment by the way we live. The decisions that we make each day make a difference to our communities and to the world around us.

The decision that Jesus made two thousand years ago may seem quite insignificant to the world of the twenty first century, but his one decision to die on a cross for us altered the whole course of human history and made it possible for us to be reconciled to God and to discover the peace, the love and the hope that he brings. There is power in the cross.

Jesus taught us to love God and to love our neighbour. We demonstrate that love in the small decisions that we make each day that affect our relationship with God and our relationship with our neighbours. In these decisions, the right decision may not always be the most comfortable choice for us. Sometimes we are called to make sacrifices for the good of others. Jesus also taught us to take up our cross and to follow him.

There is power in the cross, both in the way we cast our vote in the general election, and in the way that we live our lives in the love and service of God and of our neighbour; taking up our cross daily to follow him.