Editorial – July 2019

Ilsa Aug 2014 1 - CopyWhat am I doing here?

by Monica Walker

It is just 44 years this month since I arrived in Rotherham to face a new job, new home, new friends and new church and after a few months I began to ask myself “what am I doing here”? But God had a plan!

I feel a bit the same as I begin to write my first editorial for the magazine, “what am I doing here!” I am however, reminded of so many bible characters who must have said or thought the same thing. What am I doing here!

We have recently finished a sermon/study series on the book of Exodus and in it we’re told Moses had to contend with grumpy complaining Israelites, so he probably had similar thoughts as the they objected to everything he had to say, even though they were promises from God. There must have been times when he thought, what am I doing here!

God has His plans and we are told they are…just and upright.

Sometimes God’s plans are disturbing, we get uncomfortable with change but change can also be exciting. We are facing many changes in the way church happens in our Diocese and Team very different from what we have known and our comfort zone will be shaken.

We don’t always understand or see the sense in the challenges of God’s plans but it is at these times we need to hang on in there and trust our faith in the Lord Jesus.

As this magazine goes to print, I will be with friends in Scotland, friends I would never have known if I hadn’t moved to Rotherham all those years ago.

I’m glad God has a plan and pray that we can all be obedient to listening and following His plan as we face the future for the Rivers Team with all its challenges and blessings.

So, we say “what am I doing here” in the Rivers Team in 2019? We are in this together, waiting to be part of God’s plan as we see it unfold for His people here in our communities.

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord Jer. 29