Editorial – August 2018

by David Bent; Team Rector

At the last AGM it was agreed that in the future, instead of appointing two churchwardens per church (eight across the team), The Rivers Team would appoint three churchwardens to operate across the whole team. These churchwardens will support the work of newly appointed ’Core Ministry Teams’ in each church, who, with local support, will look after the key churchwarden functions of fabric, pastoral care and worship. Below is an abridged version of how this will work:

Core Ministry Teams
1) In each parish church there shall be appointed a non-statutory Core
Ministry Team (CMT), comprising three lay people who will be nominated by the members of that parish church, according to their gifting.
2) Each CMT member will have responsibility, within their church, for either
a) Fabric, b) Worship, or c) Pastoral Care.
3) Each CMT member will develop a team in their church to help them fulfil this ministry.
4) The extent of the responsibility and duties of each CMT shall be
determined by the Team Council.
5) The Team Council shall authorise one churchwarden to support and
encourage each of these three areas of ministry across The Rivers Team.

Local Church Meetings (replacing DCCs).
1) Local Church Meetings will be attended by one of the clergy and the members of the CMT for that parish church, and will be open to any other person worshipping regularly at that parish church.
2) Each Parish Church shall hold no less than four Local Church Meetings each year.
3) Local Church Meetings will have delegated responsibility, as set out in the ‘Rivers Team Scheme of Delegation’ for matters relating to the life of the local parish church.

Your Role
Each church will need to appoint a Core Ministry Team of three lay people who will each lead a team of people with responsibility for either fabric,
pastoral care or worship. Please pray about your involvement in one of these roles and who else you might see as part of either the CMT in your church, or as a member of the teams they lead. Please also pray about who might fulfil the roles of the three churchwardens across the team.

Other ministries will be set up across the team as the vision unfolds.

We will be holding an extraordinary general meeting in the near future to formally adopt these changes.