Editorial – April 2019

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAby Margaret Baker, Team Vicar

Dear Friends
As I write this editorial Lent has just begun. I wonder if you have managed to do whatever you have planned during this time or perhaps it’s been rather a struggle. Like many of you I have had my ups and downs, as life has thrown a few curved balls and I have not quite achieved everything I wanted to. But one thing I know I will be able to do, and that is celebrate Easter: the most important date in the year for Christians.
The first Christians did not know what would happen like we do. They needed to trust that God was in control even when things were so bleak. We know that some even denied their faith like Peter, one of the disciples, but that did not mean that God gave up on them as he never will give up on us.

There are occasions in our lives that are a struggle, and it’s then that we need to trust that God is in control. I am sure you know people who don’t even have that belief and that’s our challenge to share Easter, our biggest celebration, with others for the real reason.

Easter is not about chocolate eggs, lambs, chickens – to name just a few things which are portrayed about this season. It’s about the fact that Christ died on the cross and rose for you and me, so that we might have life and be able to live it in its fullness. And that’s what we need to share through our words and actions

We need to make it special for ourselves and those around us as we praise and thank God for Jesus and his great love and care for everyone. We need to remember that God is not dead but lives through you and me.

The Christian faith is based on this wonderful occasion, and it’s just amazing if we really ponder the great sacrifice that God gave for all of us.

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!” said the angel.

Happy Easter

Prayerful Best Wishes