Diocesan Development Day 2021

On Saturday 2 October, we hope to offer an in-person event at St Thomas Philadelphia. Along with

opening worship, we have biblical input from Bishop Pete. Bishop Graham Tomlin and Bishop Sophie will be bringing our keynote inputs at a time when we are taking stock and looking to find ways to move forward.

Of course, plans remain provisional, as we wait to see how the pandemic situation develops over the summer. We have taken this into account in several ways. Firstly, we are capping the number at Philadelphia at 150 people (not our usual 400+) and we are looking at various measures to make this as safe a gathering as possible – updates will be sent nearer the time, having assessed prevailing conditions. Secondly, we are going to run this as a half-day conference (9.30-12.30) with all the sessions in the main venue. And, finally, we will offer Zoom livestreaming of the event to those who would feel more comfortable accessing this virtually this year (up to 500
places available). If circumstances warrant it, we can offer the day solely online, as in 2020. You can now book both in-person (initially a maximum of 3 people per church) and online places (as many as you like).

Keynote Speaker: The Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin
The role of the church in God’s plan as an agent of the coming of the Kingdom

The Rt Revd Sophie Jelley
Discipleship / Lights for Christ

The Rt Revd Dr Pete Wilcox
Bible Study

Please let Linda know if you would like her to book a place for you