A Conversation with My Lord

dvickersby David Vickers

I sit with my Lord in the quiet of the new morning. He speaks to me in a whisper.

I read His word and hear His voice.

I sit at my open garden window and watch the Sun rise and know the Son is risen.

I play music on my radio and my solitude is broken by the birds who come to listen and give their own recital.

I pray for my family and am joined by a family of squirrels sitting on my garden fence.

I watch the life of the river below and He speaks of the living water.

I glimpse a kingfisher diving for his breakfast and think of my King who guides us fishers of men.

I see regularly changing seasons and thank my Lord that He provides so that I don’t go hungry.

I wonder what I will wear today and look at the ways that the beautiful flowers and trees are dressed.

If I begin to lose hope, I trust His promises. He paints a rainbow in the sky.

He paints pictures in clouds, hanging in the gallery of my sky.

When I need encouragement of human contact, He asks a friend to call me.

When I am in pain, He reminds me of the pain He endured for me, and mine seems little.

When I cry one tear, He rains with me.

When I laugh I imagine His chuckle.

When I work, He reminds me of the ants and bees.

When I need guidance, He is my Way.

When I wonder at the night sky, He winks at me.

When I sleep, He doesn’t. He watches over me.

When I dream, He is there too, helping me to make sense of this day and the next..

When I speak, He listens. When He speaks, I listen.

When I wake, we start a new conversation.

Spiritual Re-fuelling

refuel_petrol_stations_gas_pump_petrol_gas_auto_fuel_diesel-1289665[1]In recent months we’ve heard a lot about sharing the good news with our friends, family etc. After all, Christmas (usually) gives us plenty of opportunities to do this and it’s why we’re here – to continue Christ’s work of building the Kingdom. But I wonder how many times we don’t
work to build the Kingdom because we’re either too tired or too busy?

It’s interesting that in this passage, “very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place where he prayed”. How many times do we sit in solitude at the start of the day and pray?

The previous day had been very busy for Jesus, meeting many, many people who’d been brought to Him for healing. He could easily have woken up next morning and thought “I’ve got SO much to do today – new towns to preach in, more sickness to heal, more demons to destroy”, gathered His disciples and got on His travels but – no, He took time out to spend time alone with His Father; time to spiritually re-fuel. We too need a place and time to escape, to get away from the noise, even from family and friends, and spend a little time alone
with God.

It wasn’t easy for Jesus to live in this world but He wasn’t overwhelmed by the things around Him because He was able to keep the picture in focus. He would pull back from the world in order to see it more clearly and perhaps we need to do this also, especially in these very difficult times where we can become overwhelmed by what we’re going through. Jesus saw the needs of those around Him more clearly than anyone and served it more effectively because He had mastered the art of escaping from it, and being spiritually re-fuelled.

If you feel as though your tank’s empty; that you’re trying to run on “low” – take time out to be spiritually re-fuelled – today!

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