Centenary Project Update


An update on what is happening with the Children’s and family’s work across the team.

This is a new year and a new exciting start for our toddler groups. Toddler Church at St Mary’s has stopped for now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rachel, Philip and Julie for all their hard work over the last 2 years.

St Andrew’s Toddler Church has been rebranded and is now called First Steps and will run on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 9.30am to 11am.

I would like to thank all the volunteers that lead and help with our Sunday Kid’s you are all doing an amazing job.

Schools work at the end of the year has seen me do an assembly on harvest for Manor Infants. I was then into Tinsley Meadow School to talk with 5 classes on why Christians find Jesus inspirational. Both visits went well.

Both schools have visited the local churches. Manor Infants came at Christmas and each class sang a different song for us. Tinsley Meadows come in to learn about Christian faith. Both schools put on a nativity which I was privileged to see. Thank you Denise for all the work you are doing at Treeton School.

Thank you all for your support

Table Top Sale

St Andrew’s Church, Brinsworth

Saturday, 7th March 2020

10am to 12pm

All funds to go towards our Centenary Project Worker and her work with our Children and families


Christmas Day Lunch 2019

JS52767396Are you on your own? Do you know of anyone who will be on their own and would like to join us at St Andrew’s for Lunch?

This will be by invitation only so that the team will know how many to cater for. Please pass names on to Margaret Baker a.s.a.p.

There will be a donation box in each Church if you would like to make a contribution to this occasion or perhaps you would like to buy a small present (costing no more than £5) – wrap it up and mark it for a man or woman, so that everyone will receive a small gift on the day.

Perhaps you might like to offer to help on the day, you know the saying many hands make light work and you could enjoy a lovely meal with us as well


February 2020

Sunday, 2nd February
Bible Study at St Andrew’s at 6:00 pm.
Thursday, 6th February
Clergy and Wardens Meeting—3.30—5pm at St Andrew’s
Sunday, 9th February
St Helen’s Congregation Meeting after afternoon service
Tuesday, 11th February
First Steps at St Andrew’s at 9.30am
Wednesday, 12th February
Doxa at St Helen’s at 7.30pm
Thursday, 13th February
Meeting Point at St Andrew’s at 6.30pm
Saturday, 15th February
Messy Church at St Mary’s starting at 3.30pm
Sunday, 16th February
St Lawrence and St Andrew’s Congregation Mtg (after service)
Tuesday, 18th February
St Mary’s Congregation Meeting at 7.30pm at St Mary’s Church
Tuesday, 25th February
First Steps at St Andrew’s at 9.30am
Thursday, 27th February
Meeting Point at St Andrew’s at 6.30pm



Parish Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 31st March 2020 – 7.30pm St. Andrew’s Church

Clergy and Wardens Meetings - 3.30-5.00pm @St Andrew’s Centre, 1st Thursday of each month
6th February
5th March
2nd April
7th May
4th June 2nd July
August—No Meeting
3rd September
1st October
5th November
3rd December

Team Council Meetings – Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm @ St Andrew’s Centre
10th March
12th May
14th July
8th September
17th November

Congregation Meetings

St Lawrence and St Andrews (After Sunday service)
16th February
19th April
21st June
16th August
18th October
6th December

St Helens (After Sunday service)
9th February
5th April
14th June
9th August
11th October
13th December

St Mary’s – Tuesdays at 7.30pm
18th February
21st April
16th June
18th August
20th October
15th December

Please pray for all those who serve us on these groups and try to attend your congregation meeting.

Centenary Project Update

Screen-Shot-2016-10-06-at-17.21.10[1]An update on what is happening with the Children’s and family’s work across the team.

I have a new objective which is very exciting and that is to oversee the Sunday Kid’s work. I have visited both St Lawrence’s and St Mary’s where this work is taking place. I am looking forward to working with both teams of volunteers.

Work has already started at St Mary’s where the volunteers and I had a chat over scones to discuss where this group is going and how it may change in the future.

St Andrew’s Toddler Church increased in families on the second time it opened in May. Carrying on with the story of Noah and the promise God made with a colour theme of the Rainbow. The jelly rainbows were a hit.

God Bless – Sarah Clayton

Catcliffe Heritage Day

15481299297_0cdae45b2a_mCatcliffe Kiln is a listed monument with Historic England, and is an undervalued asset to that community. Catcliffe Parish Council and other community groups share an interest in promoting the kiln and looking at ways to raise its profile, to showcase it to the wider community, not just across the borough but Nationwide.

Councillors used some of their ward budget as match funding with Rother Valley West Area Housing Panel, which enabled them to provide a power supply to the Kiln. This has allowed us to work with Museum staff, Friends of Catcliffe the Church group and the Brinsworth and Catcliffe local History Group to hold an annual
nativity scene and carol service.

Plans are now underway for the next Catcliffe Heritage day which will take place on Saturday 21 September 2019 from 10.00am and 3.00pm. This family-orientated event will celebrate the heritage of Catcliffe, with a number of historical displays, photographic talks, and glass and pebble decorating.

The kiln will be opened by museum staff who will be giving a guided tour at 11.00am, 12 noon and 1.00pm.

We will be running a Catcliffe Heritage day arts competition for local children to take part in. We are asking children to draw or paint a picture of the Kiln or St Mary’s church. The images will then be displayed on the day and the Mayor of Rotherham will be awarding the winners with their prizes. Twelve of the images will be chosen to make into a 2020 Calendar that will be available in December.

We have two new lambs for the Catcliffe Kiln Christmas tableau, bought by St Mary’s Coffee Pot, and there will be a competition to ‘Name the Lamb’. St Mary’s is hosting this event, i.e Tea/Coffee/Squash and nibbles which will be provided by Morrisons.

Rotherham Deanery Pilgrimage Report

Rotherham Deanery Pilgrimage to Bolton Abbey Priory and Skipton – by Thelma Maguire

On Saturday 6 July we set off in pouring rain, but arrived at Bolton Abbey Priory on Lord Devonshire’s Estate two hours later in glorious sunshine.

For over 800 years people have come to the Priory to worship God: some to thank, praise and glorify Him; others asking Him for help, even pleading with prayers and penitence. The order who lived in the Priory were the Austin Canons, or the Black Canons. They tried to follow the example of Jesus by helping and caring for the community and travellers.

The 11am Communion service was led by Peter Hughes, Rector of St Albans, Wickersley, assisted by Neil Bowler, House for Duty Priest in the Silverwood Mission Partnership, with Andrew Rose leading the prayers.

The theme was “The Wine of the Kingdom”: Matthew 9 v 14-17. “No one pours new wine into old wineskins.” No, they pour new wine into new wineskins and both are preserved. Jesus is referring to the making of wine and the new wine has to be poured into new skins. The tradition was to pour the newly fermenting wine into new goat skins where the wine would expand and continue to ferment and the skins would stretch with the volume of the wine. Jesus was illustrating the importance of renewing religious structures and emphasising that He brings us a newness of life that cannot be confined to old forms.

Peter’s father had taken up wine-making; unfortunately he didn’t secure the flagon tightly, causing the wine to explode loudly! He explained that Jesus came to bring newness of life to us all, but this cannot be constrained in the old law – that is, the goat skins. However, new life in new skins brings us Grace and makes us new when we receive the Holy Spirit and become more like Jesus. Jesus will change us. He will renew us in our hearts and faith.

Peter referred to the problems facing Sheffield Diocese where many churches are without a vicar and we face reduction in numbers of stipendiary incumbents. The diocese needs to lead the way of change within our own structure. New groups of disciples will meet not necessarily in churches but in houses, cafés, community centres.

All were in agreement that both service and setting were among the best we have celebrated on or Pilgrimages, and we look forward to the next one.

After the service the coach took us to the historic town of Skipton for a really enjoyable afternoon.

Diocesan Development Day

Untitled5th October 2019

Freed to be God’s People

The annual Diocesan Development Day for 2019 will be held at St Thomas Philadelphia on Saturday, 5 October.  The day will focus on the Renewed and Released elements of the Diocesan Strategy.

The keynote speakers are Bishop Emma Ineson, Bishop Philip North and Joëlle and Andrew Warren.

In addition to the keynote speakers there will also be workshops on:
Resilience in Prayer - Sources of strength in a time of change.
This Time Tomorrow - Making connections between our everyday lives & Sunday services.
Shape course - Releasing church members into their gifts and calling.
Focal Ministry - Leadership roles in a changing church.
The reality of living out Monday to Saturday callings -
Joëlle & Andrew will speak from their experience in business and education
Chaplaincy - Explore lay chaplaincy with a variety of chaplains.
Prayer stations - The popular prayer stations (from 2018) are back and will be running both morning & afternoon.
Lights for Christ - The diocese is working to equip and encourage all the baptised (ie people like you) to be Lights for Christ – living for Jesus in your daily life.

More details about this initiative will be given in a dedicated slot on the day.

There are limited numbers allocated to each church. If you would like to book a place, please contact Linda Read (01709 361630).



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