“Can you spare any change please?”

Although we’ve been having our shopping delivered, last week we had to pop to our local Tesco. There’s often a man stood outside asking for “any spare change please”. He’s very quiet, stands very still, and almost whispers his request – very different to others down there who can get quite rude when you say “sorry”. I’ve felt drawn to speak to him for a few weeks now, having a feeling that God’s got something planned, but not done so. On this occasion,

I felt it was the right time and so told him I had no cash but asked if there was anything I could buy him. His face lit up and he said , “thank you SO much, that’s really kind, could you get me a bottle of cola please?” – and I did. When I gave it him he was so very please. I asked his name and he said it was Peter. I don’t know Peter’s background, or why he’s asking for money but I do know that God’s drawn me to him for a reason. I’ve not seen him since but I now have something to work on.

My sermon for our on-line service last week was about God’s power and authority demonstrated in Jesus. I wonder, using a rating of 1 – 10, how much power and authority does God have in your life? On this occasion Jesus delivered a man from being tormented by an evil spirit but, as many of us know, he made the blind see; the lame, walk; the mute, speak; and healed many, many diseases and sickness. This wasn’t just because he was a good teacher, healer etc – it was because He did these things with the power and authority that He received from His Father. It’s exactly the same power and authority that He demonstrates in the lives of men, women and children today. Many of us in the Rivers Team can testify to what Jesus has done/is doing in our life today. We all like to think we have control of our lives don’t we? but, actually, during times such as we’re living in at the moment where we can’t visit friends and family; visit someone in hospital; have our own medical needs met; cant even shop properly etc etc, it’s bound to make us feel as though we have no control. In my sermon, I asked people to think about a question, “what difference might the power and authority of God make in my life?” and, “what difference might it make in my friends life?, my neighbours life? my family’s life?” I can’t answer these questions for you but perhaps you’d consider thinking about them yourself – I have – and I can’t help but wondering what difference the power and authority of God might make in Peter’s life.