A great time to go fishing

by Denise Cryer

1200px-Bank_Of_River_A_Fisherman_Is_Waiting_For_Fish_(186744883)If there’s one thing lock-down has taught me, it’s that now is a great time to go fishing! Not by making a long journey to a good carp-lake, but by fishing in a pond nearer to home. As Christians, we’re given a great opportunity to become fishers of men – sharing Christ’s message to the world. Jesus said, “follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Mark 1:14).

There’s a good chance, at the moment, that our friends, family and neighbours are struggling, in other words, the fish are readily available, if only we are willing to go catch them. I’m not sure what the fishermen of Jesus’ time were like but I presume there were similarities with the fishermen of today. That they had a rod/net, bait, tackle and most importantly, patience. Though
our times might be different, the intention is the same: to catch fish.

God has equipped each one of us to fish; through the sharing of our testimony, sharing Gospel promises and encouraging scriptures, prayer, practical help etc. Let’s never think that we don’t have what it takes to fish because God has given us all the tools we need. In my experience and speaking as someone who’s resisted fishing many times because I’ve not wanted to say the wrong thing, or not known what to pray or how to help, or just been afraid to open my mouth at all, I can honestly say, each time I’ve gone fishing, it’s got a little bit easier! As I’ve studied God; His word; His character; His will, and as I’ve got braver in “casting our my line”, the more comfortable I’ve become in fishing. I’ve learned to fish “whatever the weather”, even though there are times when I’m not sure I’m using the right bait.

With every day that passes, people are struggling with feelings and emotions that they’ve never had to deal with before. People are wondering where it’s all leading; asking why it’s happening and “where’s God in all this”; they’re dealing with illness and bereavement under very difficult circumstances. Many are very unsettled at the moment and if we don’t go fishing now, I think it will be a long time before the pond’s as well stocked as it is right now. Let’s follow Jesus, and get fishing!

Denise (Cryer)