A Conversation with My Lord

dvickersby David Vickers

I sit with my Lord in the quiet of the new morning. He speaks to me in a whisper.

I read His word and hear His voice.

I sit at my open garden window and watch the Sun rise and know the Son is risen.

I play music on my radio and my solitude is broken by the birds who come to listen and give their own recital.

I pray for my family and am joined by a family of squirrels sitting on my garden fence.

I watch the life of the river below and He speaks of the living water.

I glimpse a kingfisher diving for his breakfast and think of my King who guides us fishers of men.

I see regularly changing seasons and thank my Lord that He provides so that I don’t go hungry.

I wonder what I will wear today and look at the ways that the beautiful flowers and trees are dressed.

If I begin to lose hope, I trust His promises. He paints a rainbow in the sky.

He paints pictures in clouds, hanging in the gallery of my sky.

When I need encouragement of human contact, He asks a friend to call me.

When I am in pain, He reminds me of the pain He endured for me, and mine seems little.

When I cry one tear, He rains with me.

When I laugh I imagine His chuckle.

When I work, He reminds me of the ants and bees.

When I need guidance, He is my Way.

When I wonder at the night sky, He winks at me.

When I sleep, He doesn’t. He watches over me.

When I dream, He is there too, helping me to make sense of this day and the next..

When I speak, He listens. When He speaks, I listen.

When I wake, we start a new conversation.