Dynamic young leader

Bob Lunt—by Robert Lunt

Rezki grew up in a Muslim family, like most Algerians, but things changed when a friend’s family had a book they wanted to get rid of. It was a New Testament and Rezki took it, read the Gospels and most of Acts at one sitting, and gave his life to Christ.

He found a church 20 miles away. 50 people attended then in 2002; now there are 1,500, a sign of how the church is growing in Algeria. Rezki was tempted to emigrate, but he felt God call him to ministry in his homeland, and he joined Bible Society. Now he’s taking over from the ‘legendary’ Ali Khidri who led Bible Society in Algeria for 30 years.

Rezki says things have got worse for Algerian Christians in recent years. Ten churches have been closed by the authorities (there were only around 60 to start with), and the number of Bibles they’re allowed to import has been severely restricted.

Algeria is in crisis. The long-term president has been ousted following mass protests and democratic elections have been promised. But the Church can’t be held back. When churches were closed, Christians put up tents and met there instead. Despite official efforts to choke off the supply of Scripture, Rezki plans to expand the ministry. Bible Society’s office remains the only place where you can be sure to get a Bible.

Rezki is rising to the challenge and one thing drives him on: every week more than 50 new people ask for a Bible or New Testament. Despite huge risks, Algerians long to know Jesus. Rezki says, “There are many seekers. They contact TV and radio channels and ask questions on the internet. They ask for Bibles and we give them whenever we can.”

When you’re not allowed to talk to people about Jesus, when no one will invite you to church, reading Scripture is how people come to faith, like Rezki did. As well as providing Scripture, he wants to disciple and train Christians. And as a new dad, he’s committed to producing Bible material for children too.

When asked how it feels to follow Ali Khidri who’s been at the heart of Algeria’s Christian revival over the last 30 years, Rezki replied, “I can’t replace Ali, he’s a legend! But God gave me this opportunity with Bible Society, and I will put everything into it.”

Source: Bible Society