February 2020

Sunday, 2nd February
Bible Study at St Andrew’s at 6:00 pm.
Thursday, 6th February
Clergy and Wardens Meeting—3.30—5pm at St Andrew’s
Sunday, 9th February
St Helen’s Congregation Meeting after afternoon service
Tuesday, 11th February
First Steps at St Andrew’s at 9.30am
Wednesday, 12th February
Doxa at St Helen’s at 7.30pm
Thursday, 13th February
Meeting Point at St Andrew’s at 6.30pm
Saturday, 15th February
Messy Church at St Mary’s starting at 3.30pm
Sunday, 16th February
St Lawrence and St Andrew’s Congregation Mtg (after service)
Tuesday, 18th February
St Mary’s Congregation Meeting at 7.30pm at St Mary’s Church
Tuesday, 25th February
First Steps at St Andrew’s at 9.30am
Thursday, 27th February
Meeting Point at St Andrew’s at 6.30pm



Parish Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 31st March 2020 – 7.30pm St. Andrew’s Church

Clergy and Wardens Meetings - 3.30-5.00pm @St Andrew’s Centre, 1st Thursday of each month
6th February
5th March
2nd April
7th May
4th June 2nd July
August—No Meeting
3rd September
1st October
5th November
3rd December

Team Council Meetings – Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm @ St Andrew’s Centre
10th March
12th May
14th July
8th September
17th November

Congregation Meetings

St Lawrence and St Andrews (After Sunday service)
16th February
19th April
21st June
16th August
18th October
6th December

St Helens (After Sunday service)
9th February
5th April
14th June
9th August
11th October
13th December

St Mary’s – Tuesdays at 7.30pm
18th February
21st April
16th June
18th August
20th October
15th December

Please pray for all those who serve us on these groups and try to attend your congregation meeting.