God’s Grace is Sufficient

dvickersby David Vickers

In June’s Newsletter I had been beside the Red Sea for two days, finishing off my stay in the Middle East with a bit of seaside relaxation. God had other plans. The following day I woke with a rigor (shaking fever), vomiting and was very weak. After ruling out other possibilities, I knew it was a reaction to a bacterial infection. Three days previously I had grazed my leg when I tripped in the street. This had been the entry point for the infection. I stayed in bed for two days and kept hydrated. There was no help at hand.

A few days later I made the ten-hour return coach journey to Cairo, barely able to stand or walk. On arrival at my Cairo hostel, the guys there took me to Cairo University Hospital immediately. I stayed there for a week.

God then showed me how much He loves me through all the people who supported me (like an army of angels). Muslim and Christian friends saw to my every need and brought such things a toothbrush and paste, deodorant, new underwear etc.

I had no insurance, but my hospital bill was paid. At one point I was being prayed for by so many people. Many were in UK, and in Cairo I was prayed for in the Coptic cathedral, two other Coptic churches, Cairo evangelical church, Cairo Church of Scotland, a Mormon temple and several mosques. A Coptic pastoral team brought consecrated bread for communion and we prayed together. I received good care and gradually improved enough to be discharged and fly home.

My Muslim friends had invited me to speak at a large iftar gathering (breakfast during Ramadan). But I couldn’t make it. I was to speak on “Grace”. However, they were still keen to hear what I would have said and asked me to write it up for distribution, including to several Islamic scholars.

Back at the hostel for a few extra days, God used me to share His Word with several backpackers from around the world (all part of His plan).

I was given wheelchair assistance for the whole of my return trip. I came back via Casablanca in Morocco. As I flew over each country of North Africa, I felt that God was showing me that this was still my mission field.

So, even in my vulnerability and sickness, He was telling me how much I am loved, that His grace is sufficient for each day and that He still has plans for me.

When I returned, I was led to Psalm 92 v 14 – “They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green”. Thank you for your prayers. I am now well. Halleluiah